5 Successful Keys To Invest Your Budget Wisely In A Trade Show

If your main objective is to generate successful sales, analyze your competition and find new allies, the best thing you can do is to participate in a national or international fair where you can:

Analyze your competition, consolidate old customers or find new customers. The most important thing is that your brand stands out from the others.

Fairs are the most profitable channel to do new business or to create brand recall.

1. Set your goals

Find the right fair for you. Prepare in advance to find new customers or distributors of your products. You can validate your products and strengthen your loyalty.

  • Make your company visible.
  • Promote new products.
  • Highlight and innovate with new products or services.
  • Position or reposition your brand.
  • Knowing what the competition is doing is vital because you can improve processes and products.
  • This is your best showcase; for this reason, you must shine and bring out the best.

So think about why you want to participate and how you will do it. Always having a specialized ally will be the best option for you to see the fruits of your investment.

2. Develop a budget

Make a clear budget for your participation in the fair; this will be essential for you to have control of your money. Remember to make a great first impression since you will be next to your strongest competitors.

Finding the perfect partner is vital; they will guide you to success and make the most of your budget.

  • Define if you will rent furniture and do it yourself to save costs.
  • Size and location of the booth
  • Project yourself and find a strategic ally to help you know how many people you will have in the booth.
  • What is your star product?
  • A good commercial team is essential
  • To what kind of advertising will you use, videos, merchandising, brochures and catalogs, among others.
  • Social media advertising and real-time follow-up.
  • Commercial hosts to support the sale of your product.

3. Your brand's personality is the most important thing, with an exclusive design that makes the difference.

A well-thought stand can attract much more attention from visitors and buyers. For this reason, you should surround yourself with a creative team to support you throughout this process is ideal because you can intelligently optimize your budget, as you can get the most out of it can help you in:

  • Capture attention
  • Deliver experiences
  • Brand identity
  • Adaptability for future fairs
  • Creativity and exclusivity.

Think about it; being surrounded by the best is always better.

4. Select your best products

Take your star product and place it in the best possible place, highlight it, and show it through videos on screens that you have located in the booth.

Accessible and attractive products will make visitors prefer to try your products.

5. Create memorable experiences

Your booth must generate a “wow factor” to be instantly recognized and develop a strong impression. First reactions count, especially when it comes to attracting traffic and visitors to your booth during a trade show, so it is crucial to have a well-planned design and set-up done with care and attention to detail. If your company offers a quality product or service with little visual appeal, these customers may stop visiting your booth and go to your competitors.


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